About 4th Street Music Production

Palisade Bluegrass Bash 2023

Out of the fires of a global pandemic rose 4th street music. In a time of chaos, heartache, and need, the power of community and live music will triumph.

4th Street Music began in the high desert of Palisade Colorado. The dream of a free festival that showcases talented acoustic music from the Grand Valley and Colorado came to fruition with the first Palisade Bluegrass Bash in June of 2021. Building upon that success the Palisade Brewgrass Bash was held in September of 2021 with Sam Bush headlining. Drawing support from business on the “happiest block in North America” including the Palisade Brewing Company, Colorado Weedery, Palisade Livery Saloon, and Peach Street Distillers, as well as the most scenic venue in the Grand Valley at Talbott’s Cider Company, 4th Street Music is proud to offer another free festival with the 2022 Palisade Bluegrass Bash.

The Palisade Bluegrass Bash relies upon generosity. Please help us keep this free event going for years to come by not only supporting the local business and services industry employees and staff but also donating directly to 4th Street Music. There will be ways to help support their efforts posted around the festival venues as well as on social media. It is only through the generosity of the Palisade community working together that 4th Street Music has been able to make prior festivals happen. The best in our community stepped up and with mutual support, everyone was enriched. We want to keep it going because free music that highlights the beauty and unique nature of Palisade is a core value of 4th Street Music. The free admission bluegrass festival is what 4th Street Music wants to bring to the world and with continued moral and financial support, it will happen. We are hopefully past the hard times and now that we know how much fun it is to come together, we want to make this festival a tradition.